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Delivery planning is the practice of planning out routes and logistics to deliver products. Companies that deliver products such as pizzas, flowers, and water all use delivery planning to get their products into the hands of customers.
There are 4 factors you should consider when assessing your delivery operations. A well-executed delivery plan will excel in each of the following areas:
🔸 Customer Satisfaction:
Your delivery plan must enable you to get products to your customers on time or within the promised delivery window. This is vital for customer satisfaction and retention and positive reviews.
🔸 Efficiency:
A great delivery-planning process should keep your transportation costs low but your earning potential high by sending your delivery team on the most efficient routes. Route-planning software can help with this.
🔸 Capacity:
Effective delivery planning should help you reach maximum capacity without overloading your drivers or requiring them to work overtime.
🔸 Employee Satisfaction:
You’ll know you have a great delivery planning process when everyone in your delivery fleet has a balanced workload, and no one on your team is feeling burned out. In fact, an excellent delivery-planning system will even allow your manager or route planner to spend more time on strategy.
❓ Why Is Delivery Planning So Important?
If you want to be competitive, you need to be able to deliver — literally, because more and more purchases are happening online.
▶️ Bottom line: If you don’t have a good delivery plan in place, you won’t be able to exceed or even meet the expectations of your customers, and you could lose them — permanently.
📍 Fast and efficient deliveries are a prerequisite to being competitive as a product company in 2021, but planning deliveries doesn’t have to be a monumental undertaking. Delivery and route planning can be easy with the right software. At CT&P Solutions, we seek to help businesses of all types and sizes perfect their deliveries and keep their customers happy. We’re here to answer any questions, walk you through the setup process, and help you achieve delivery planning success.
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