Saving Cost and Time

You get a ready and working turnkey project and do not waste time and effort on integrating it into your company. Also saving resources by investing them not in solving your problem but in professionals who will solve it better and faster than you.

Put the Product on the Market Faster

This is a common benefit of the BOT model as it means having resources in a different time zone or location. The model helps in bringing the product to the market faster since it would seem to have an almost 24/7 process cycle – that depends on the difference as well. However, it does ensure that development is continuous, and not much time in the day is wasted.

Minimizing Risks

Risk is minimized since, more often than not, the outsourcing partner already understands the conditions of the country which it operates on. As a result, they are already often prepared for possible problems that could happen during the time it is employed to set up the team.

Without worrying about Logistics

The entrepreneur is able to create a subsidiary without worrying about the logistical planning as well as the set up of the offshore office. This includes the team of employees are all under the control of the outsourcing partner. All of this comes at minimal effort as well as a small fee in terms of upfront investments.

Ready Resources & Rapid scaling

Once transfer is started, the team of resources are already trained and adapted. They are ready to go.

Through the BOT model, companies can have rapid scaling of operations through an expanded array of service offerings, which in turn fills up gaps in the business model. This is mainly due to the free time that the company acquires as the outsource partner takes care of other matters, leaving more room to brainstorm for rapid scaling.

New technologies

Having an already knowledgeable team enables companies to easily ramp up or ramp down quickly, as well as introduce newer technologies. Having new technologies to play with is also an added perk that often engages and retains the team members in the group.