F.A.R (Face AI Recognition - Fresh Air Revenue) which is a  development of Facial Recognition with Smart Advertising Application for industries: Retail or Service.

While we often talk about the 80/20 rule, where 20% of revenue from new customers for 80% of expenses, and 80% of revenue comes from 20% of RETENTION CUSTOMERS with only 20% of expenses. If you are a smart business organization, you definitely find that your new customer are important but your loyal customers are very important.

Benefits for Enterprises​

  • Provide various data to support customer analysis, develop localized business strategies.
  • Provide smoother experience for customers.
  • Resource reduction.
  • Detect and warn shoplifting, product damaging.
  • Store customer identity or criminal identity if necessary.

Benefits for Customers​

  • Having better relationship between enterprise and customers.
  • Having better customer’s experience:
    – Smart advertisements suitable to customer’s needs.
    – Make the customers feel comfortable as employees do not need to observe customers clearly; employees can rely on the system to come to support / advice for customers who really need it (based on the behavior they provide / client behavior provided)

Devices Supporting

1. Input Devices: Security Cameras

2. Output Devices:

  • TV screens at shops of businesses.
  • Advertising screens or Touch screen kiosks at malls, railway stations, airports…